How journal publishers are affected by the Coronavirus

How journal publishers are affected by the Coronavirus

As we all know the pandemic Corona Virus is now becoming a global threat. Every business is affected by this Pandemic. In this article, we will see How journal publishers are affected by the Coronavirus.

How journal publishers are affected by the Coronavirus?

Journals are the major source of information for all new research and innovations. Researcher publishes their work in journals.

Major research work has been stopped temporarily.

Research is a continuous process and the labs and researchers work day and night to get the results. Due to this pandemic, most of the universities and labs have closed their operation.

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Uncertainty in the university

According to a recent interview with by popular news agency The Guardian, Jafia Naftali Camara , Ph.D. student at the University of Bristol said all undergraduate and postgraduate overseas fieldwork has been banned for the rest of the academic year, those of us doing fieldwork in the UK were instructed to continue researching as usual.

He also said that his research focuses on young refugee and asylum-seeking students experiences and perspectives of education in England. This research project he needs to collect data in schools and he is worried about the wellbeing of students and teachers who must go to school and work during this chaotic time. Besides, the risk that there will be a period in which he is unable to collect data poses a severe challenge for a time-sensitive project.

This is a situation where all research based on outdoor or social data collection has been stopped completely. The situation also affects indoor researchers.

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How it affects the Journal Publishers?

Journal publishers mostly depend upon the reviews and journal editors for the review of the papers and prepublication works.  As the universities are closed now so the reviewers and the editors are temporarily unavailable for this work.

So the reviews of the papers are getting delayed. Thought some journal publishers permitted work from home for their employees but it’s not possible to maintain efficiency effectively.

Who are not affected?

The publishers who have dedicated team for the coronavirus vaccine and other related research are not affected due to this shutdown.

During this period we all know it’s very important for researchers and scientists to research the solution for the coronavirus. The journal publishers and the reviewers also play an important role.

Final words

If we want to save the lives of the people for the pandemic Corona Virus then our must depends on the researcher and the scientists. Till the situation gets normal our publishers will fight the situation to overcome this.

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