Top 5 things to do to maintain the quality of a journal

Top 5 things to do to maintain the quality of a journal

Quality in research publications has been a major concern in recent days. If you are a journal editor or publisher then read this article on top 5 things to do to maintain the quality of a journal.

Top 5 things to do to maintain the quality of a journal

This article is for the journal editors and reviewers. So we will discuss some important problem every journal editor face.

Get quality research paper for your Journal.

Thousands of  journals exist in the earth. So authors face difficulty finding the right journal for their papers. As a publisher, you need to reach to the potential authors.

Tie-up with Conferences: Academic conferences are the best places to present the research paper.

Join reputable organizations such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to bolster the journal’s commitment to quality.

Maintain the high peer review process

The Peer review process is the basic of any journal publication. The peer-review process is considered to be the best in academic standards. So associate the person having good academic and industrial expertise to review the papers before gets published.

You can adapt some of the journal papers management software to make the review process smooth and quick.

Hire some of the experienced workforces for your journal to keep the process in a good manner and main high quality.

Indexing and Impact factor

Journal indexing plays an important role in your journal’s reputation. Journal indexing is done by the publishers or the editors on the behalf of the publisher.

If you are a publisher then get your journal indexed with the highly reputed journal indexing agencies like Scopus, ESCI, DOAJ, Google Scholar, EBSCO, Pubmed, SCImago, JIFACTOR, OAJI, SCI, Etc.

Like the Indexing, Impact factor is also very important for any journal. Higher the Impact factor better he journal is. So to maintain the high impact factor the publisher needs to tack care of all the points we discussed here.

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Update the journal’s website regularly

Now, most of the journals have their online portal for the information. The authors and the readers come to the journal’s website to get the information.

If you are a publisher then maintain your website properly. Update the information like: about the journal, topics covered, the review process, paper format, APC, review duration, the current issue, past issues, editorial board, indexing information, information for authors, contact details, etc.

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Be transparent to users

As a journal publisher, you need to maintain high ethics and a code of conduct for the academic research. Be transparent in terms of journal publication policies, terms and conditions, review process, copyright, editorial board, etc.

Final words

Journals are the best source of information for all researchers across the globe. it is the duty of the Journal publisher to maintain high ethics and be transparent to the research community.

The high quality of the journal is a combination of all the above points we discussed. So here are the top 5 things to do to maintain the quality of a journal.

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