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Glycative stress research

  • ISSN(e) : 2188-3610
  • ISSN(p) : 2188-3602
Publication Language : English, Japanese
Publisher: Society for Glycative Stress Research
Country : Japan
Frequency : Quaterly(4 issues/year)

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Reducing sugars, aldehyde groups of lipids and alcohol metabolites react with proteins in a non-regulatory manner, and post-translational modification to produce and accumulate advanced glycation end products (AGEs), protein cross-linking modifications and functions It causes sexual degradation, intracellular signal activation and tissue damage. This is a Maillard reaction, but it is only part of the reaction. In vivo, various protein homeostasis such as AGEs, succinylation products by fumaric acid, a TCA cycle product when glucose is excessive, and racemization products that are difficult to decompose and excrete occur. In addition to proteins, abnormal lipid homeostasis, abnormal DNA base modification, and amyloid denaturation / degradability have also occurred. Since these generations in the body cause degenerative changes in the body, the concept of “glycation stress” needs to be widely understood. Several types of in vivo receptors including AGEs as ligands have been reported, including RAGE (Receptor for AGEs), and the investigation of the reaction mechanism is a topic for the future. On the other hand, it is also necessary to clarify proteasomes and oxidized proteolytic enzymes that focus on AGEs production inhibitory components and degradation and excretion pathways. The problem of excretion and degradation may extend to lipids, lipoproteins, DNA bases, and amyloid. In order to elucidate these research issues, the glycation stress as a whole is viewed from a broad perspective, AGEs and other glycation stress modifiers and production / excretion pathways are established, measurement methods are established, age-related changes are researched, drug discovery, functionality I think it is extremely important to comprehensively consider the search for materials.

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