How to Volunteer for IJIFACTOR

How to Volunteer for IJIFACTOR

IJIFACTOR is dedicated to indexing and a global directory for high-quality research journals and periodicals. But how IJIFACTOR do this to find the best quality Journals and periodicals and Index it? In this article, we will understand how to Volunteer for IJIFACTOR?

IJIFACTOR editorial team constantly works for the inclusion of high-quality peer-reviewed journals and periodicals. The editorial team consists of Volunteer Editors, Reviewers, Professors, Academicians, Research Managers and Professionals.

Work of Volunteers in IJIFACOR

The basic work for any volunteers to give the feedback of any newly submitted journals or Exiting Journals for periodical review.

In 2018 IJIFACTOR introduced the 20 point criteria system. This System evaluates all journals time to time and the IJIFACTOR takes the decision for any journal.

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Many times we receive the query regarding the Volunteering for IJIFACTOR in our email and social media and we reply to them.

Who can join the Volunteer Editorial board in IJIFACTOR?

If you like to join the Volunteer Editorial board in IJIFACTOR then you must satisfy the following 3 basic criteria.

  • Must have Completed Ph.D.
  • Must have at least 5 years of Editorial and Academic Research Experience.
  • Must have the knowledge of Journal Publishing procedure.

How to apply for Volunteer Editorial board in IJIFACTOR?

If you qualify the above criteria then you are most welcome to join Volunteer Editorial board in IJIFACOR. You can Email us your details to [email protected] at any time. Our team will respond to your application within 2 working days and send a notification within 30 working days.

Can I get a Volunteer Certificate and Other benefits?

All our volunteers get a special certificate of proof which they can use as an Academic Achievement and gets credit in their Academic/research/professional career. Other benefits will be sent to your email once your name confirmed.

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