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RBRAEM - Revista Brasileira do Ensino Médio

  • ISSN(e) : 2595-816X
Publication Language : Português (principal), inglês e espanhol
Publisher: Secretaria de Educação de Pernambuco, EREM Frei Otto
Country : Brazil
Frequency : Others(3 issues/year)

About Journal :
RBRAEM - Brazilian Journal of High School (ISSN: 2595-816X) Launched in 2018, the journal is ready to publish scientific articles, experience reports and critical reviews , taking into account the social relevance, originality and interdisciplinary character of the manuscripts. The focus of the journal is mainly to foster multiple debate on the scientific and social issues surrounding the field of high school education. At the same time it seeks to give visibility to research that contributes to the development of pedagogical alternatives, successful and innovative experiences in the fields of research on education, society and nature and teaching practice in high school.

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Under Evaluation
Under Evaluation
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