Conference Indexing sites

Conference indexing sites

Every year thousands of academic conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops are happening across the Globe. If you are searching for the Indexed conferences then in this article we will guide how to find the indexed conferences and about the Conference indexing sites.

Conference indexing sites

Conferences and events are the best places to learn and network with new people from your domain as well as others. But as the World changes the number of academic conferences goes on increasing. Scientific conferences and seminars are becoming more popular. Various educational societies, universities, institutions are organizing these conferences.

Every day you might have seen the ads of various conferences and seminars around you. So, how the quality maintained? Is there any agency/body which works to main the quality of the academic and research conferences? The answer is Absolute YES! , Like the Journal indexing agencies Conference is getting indexed by IJIFACTOR Indexing.

IJIFACTOR Conference Indexing

It is one of the highly trusted and reputed indexing platforms for high-quality peer-review journals. IJIFACTOR Conference Indexing is one of the best free indexing sites for conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and other academic research events.

The Conferences indexed with IJIFACTOR are considered to be genuine and organized by Reputed Societies and Organizations.

How do you know if a conference is indexed?

As you know the indexed conferences are more reputed and genuine rather than nonindexed conferences and seminars. If a conference is indexed it means there is a comparatively very less chance of anything wrong happening.

IJIFACTOR Conference indexing is the platform where the conferences get indexed after checking several parameters like the Organizer’s Background, Organizing Committee members and their expertise, Organizer’s Contact details, Office address to contact, the review process, past organizing experiences.

You can check the to check if a conference is indexed or not. Check the organizer’s website for the indexing with IJFIACTOR. You can find the IJIFACTOR’s logo there with the link to IJIFACTOR’s Conference indexing page.

How to check conference indexing?

As we are discussing, you can check the organizer’s home page about the IJIFACTOR Indexing and check the same from the IJIFACTOR’s website. After Indexing IJIFACTOR gives a dedicated link and information page about the conference and the following information will be mentioned there.

  • Conference Name
  • Subject area
  • Organizer
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Official website of the conference
  • Event start date and End date
  • Indexing status

The Indexing status is the most important to check. If the conference is indexed din IJIFACTOR then it will be written “ INDEXED” or else “NO”.

Difference between Conference Indexing and Conference Listing/Alert

Conference listing websites are the best place to get information about upcoming conferences on a particular topic or on all topics. It helps to promote the conference and act as a conference search engine.

Conference Indexing is a bit different from the Listing. Here the Conferences get reputation and get value if get indexed by Conference Indexing sites.

As we discussed earlier conference indexing reflects the value reputation of the conference. Though, one can search conferences here according to his/her topic of interest.

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Types of conferences and events indexed

Basically two types of conferences being organized world wide.

  1. Academic/ Scientific research conferences
  2. Business Conferences/seminars

AS IJIFACTOR focuses on Academic research so the conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops related to academic and scientific research can be indexed here. Business and promotional conferences are not allowed for Indexing.

Topics of Conferences

Conference and seminars on the topic related to Science, Engineering, Technology, Social Science, Law, Medical and Healthcare, Math, Business Management, Humanities are eligible to index their conferences with IJIFACTOR Indexing.

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